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Looking for resources . . .


I've muddled my way through the memories and have found some info...but would love to have a bit more. :)

As far as I know, we are the only Buddhist family in the small, semi-rural community where I live. The nearest "teacher," or monk, is about 45 minutes away. While the distance is not that bad, I would also have to bring along my four kiddos. This makes it next to impossible to attend any sort of teachings, etc. I would put an ad in the local paper, but I don't really feel like bringing the wrath of the local mega-conservative Christian folks to my front door.

Thankfully I've been able to acquire some books from the library that have been a wonderful starting place for me (and the family). There are a few sites that have been helpful, too, but many more that fostered way more confusion. ;)

I was working on a Buddhist parenting site for awhile (and have a buddhist moms community here on LJ), but found only a few resources (outside of books) on the topic that didn't overly cheese me out (the "now that I've found Buddhism I am the best parent ever in the world...don't you want to be like me" sort of parenting books).

And now...my question. :)

What resources have you found to be extremely valuable in your solo Buddhist practice (for those who don't belong to physical sangha or have a physical teacher (as in not doing classes online and such). Books, sites, music -- anything is much welcome.

Sorry about the ramblesome nature - two out of the four kiddos have been running in to press keys as I type this. ;)

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